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Mailing Address

Houston Writers Guild, P. O. Box 42255, Houston, TX 77242

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Contact the Houston Writers Guild

The Houston Writers Guild is run by a board of committed volunteers. If you have questions about our programs, please note it may take a time for us to respond. Emails are the best way to reach us at


For on-going information and to stay abreast of the Guild’s news, subscribe to our newsletter. Emails go out each month with highlights of our upcoming programs as well as announcements of writing community opportunities. 


If you are a member and wish to share a celebration with fellow Guilders, or invite them to participate in an event you are part of, send your news to and we will add it to our email blast if timing allows. 


Please follow us of our Facebook page for more opportunities to share. Note the page is not for promotion of book sales, but you can celebrate announcing book launch and community beneficial events.

Volunteer with the Houston Writers Guild

The Guild is always looking for people willing to volunteer their time and talents to help build up the community. Specifically we need:



Other help is welcome as well. To volunteer, reach out to Fern Brady at

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