Summer Series


Summer Series Workshops


Katherine Tyra Library

16719 Clay Rd


From 6 pm to 7:30 pm

Mondays during the Summer


June 5, 12, 19, 26

July 10, 17, 24, 31

August 7, 14, 21, 28


These sessions are free.  They are hands-on, active sessions, so bring laptops and/or other writing utensils to get the most of each session.  No RSVP required. Check in on site.


Session 1

Monday, June 5

Fern Brady

Using Art to Gain Inspiration

In this session, participants will explore generating ideas for writing using various types of art and music as inspiration.


Session 2

Monday, June 12

Fern Brady

Using Floor Plans and Maps for Writing

In this session, participants will explore using floorplans and maps of special places as spring boards for writing.  Participants will also explore creating worlds by developing maps and floorplans for more inventive stories.


Session 3

Monday, June 19

Melanie Bragg

Developing Great Characters

In this session, participants will work through the pre-writing process of developing characters.  Participants will explore physical appearance, personality traits, and the use of character archetypes for well-rounded characters.







Session 4

Monday, June 26

Chantell Renee

Plotting Methods to Organize Story Content

In this session, participants will explore various techniques for pre-writing in relation to plot development.  Various methods from plot diagraming to timelines to outlines will be explored.


Session 5

Monday, July 10

Karina Winbigler

Creating Settings that Absorb Your Readers

In this session, participants will explore world driven story lines by engaging in techniques that create vivid worlds for the characters.



Session 6

Monday, July 17

Tony Burnett

Character Motivations and How to Integrate them into Your Story

In this session, participants will explore motivation and its impact for character driven stories.  Participants will explore writing motivation into the characters to drive plot.


Session 7

Monday, July 24

Fern Brady

Using Theme to Drive Plot

In this session, participants will explore the concept of theme and how it impacts the plot of stories.  Participants will develop problems for their characters based on themes and explore how world and character driven techniques can be deepened using theme based plotting.


Session 8

Monday, July 31

Fern Brady

Understanding and Using Conflict for Tension

In this session, participants will explore the various types of conflicts and how each builds tension to keep the reader engaged.  Connections to theme and other previously explored topics will be made.


Session 9

Monday, August 7

Manon Lavoie

Pacing Yourself to Get Your Work Ready

In this session, participants will explore developing production schedules for writing their novels and for the publication process.

Session 10

Monday, August 14

Andrea Barbosa

Poetry for All Writers

In this session, participants will explore and play with poetry.  Participants will be able to see how using poetic techniques in stories can help to create visualization for readers.  Participants will also explore using poems within storylines for deepening and making the world of the novel more real.


Session 11

Monday, August 21

Fern Brady

Putting it all Together: Writing a First Draft

In this session, participants will review the many areas discussed in the previous sessions and write a first draft putting together all the pieces.  Participants will explore the concept of a stand-alone novel versus a series and how that impacts the drafting and revision process.


Session 12

Monday, August 28

Fern Brady

Revision Techniques

In this session, participants will apply a few helpful revision techniques.  Revision as a layered process will be explored.