Indiepalooza Logo 2019

At Houston Writers Guild, we believe in the arts and champion the artist. And it’s our mission to build a diverse and vibrant community of content creators.

This year we’re expanding our Friday night networking and social event for Indiepalooza 2019 and hosting an “open mic night” for content creators. This is a great way for our HWG members to share their work in a supportive environment that encourages creativity.

So, whether you’re a writer, poet, songwriter, YouTuber, podcaster or any other kind of content creator, we’re excited to bring you this opportunity to meet other local artists and share your work.

How to Submit

Fill out the submission form at the bottom of the page. Submissions are only open to Houston Writers Guild (HWG) members. Download: Submission Guidelines

What to Submit

  • Music with live-performed or recorded music
    • Bring your own instruments/equipment
    • Electrical outlets may be limited
  • Poetry
  • Selected reading from fiction or non-fiction book
  • Dramatic interpretation of a fiction or nonfiction work (book, poem, film, game, etc.)
  • Reading of a blog post, speech, article or other written work
  • Scene from a film, screenplay, or theatrical play with up to six actors
  • Dance/Choreography (singing or ballet)
    • There will be limited space

Submission Guidelines

  • Must be an original work or collaboration by the performing creator. 
  • No explicit sex, graphic violence, or hate speech
  • Performances should not last more than 6 minutes
  • We may consider other forms of creative content not listed above