2018 Book Cover Winners


April Book Cover Winner

Murder for Me
by Russell Little

Ava is a middle-aged socialite jogging through a wooded park near her Houston home. The trees and her earbuds provide the only escape from her problems. Little does she know another problem is waiting just ahead—the kind of problem that wants her dead.

Houston attorney Larry Lamb has his own difficulties to sort through. He’s mediocre at work and a failure at marriage, and there’s something inside him screaming to get out. It’s becoming harder and harder to control—and it’s affecting him in mysterious ways.


March Book Cover Winner

Alonica: Rise of the Dragon Heirs
by G.M. Kelso

After ten years of training, Zintare returns home to find out his home has been destroyed and his father had perished in what was known as the last battle of The Dragon Wars.

When he meets with an old acquaintance, he is led to the Dragon Spine Mountains to finish his training from a new mentor.

Finding out from his mentor, that he is half dragon and needs to follow a certain path, Zintare must decide which. That path of his reptilian kin, which leads to power and glory over Alonica, or that of his human kin, which leads to honor.

The fate of Alonica rests in his hands.


February Book Cover Winner

Flowers in Winter
by J.M. Jordan

1982—the year that bleeds into the next. Sarah Cash unravels the grief of finding her mother’s suicide. Haunted by the discovery, she searches for answers and finds herself pressed into the family business.

Leaning on the tenacity and vigor of her great-aunt Eunice, Sarah grapples with becoming the incumbent matriarch and a need for control within the chaos.

Challenged by her father’s rush to move on, Sarah hunts for what will keep her family together as his choices threaten to tear them further apart. In this recollection of her broken youth, Sarah can’t help but wonder if she’ll ever find flowers in winter.